Digital security is being resorted to help reduce pressures on healthcare

Digital security is being resorted to help reduce pressures on healthcare

New research working for the government of Japan notices a potential collaboration of Japan and the UK to help reduce pressures on healthcare by the use of digital technology.

Japan’s healthcare system shares many similarities with the UK’s. Both countries are equipped with universal healthcare, and both are currently struggling with the challenges rendered by aging populations. According to research, that trend also creates new opportunities for collaboration.


In 2018, citizens aged 65 and over constituted 28% of Japan’s population, according to figures from the government. This number is supposed to rise by around 38% by 2050.

The UK is facing a somewhat similar kind of issue, with around 21% of the population to be aged 65 and over by the year 2027, compared to around 18% in 2017.

In the report, dean of the Medical School at the University of Warwick in England, presented an argument that digital technologies could increase pressure on the healthcare systems around the world face in providing services according to the new demand.

The UK is now starting to feel the benefits of the digital solutions that are helping the medical staff to give individuals more control of the health conditions and overall health and wellbeing.

Japan is also looking to transform its services with the application of the Next-Generation Healthcare System. The government recently also introduced a law to allow the usage of unknown processed medical information by third parties such as research institutions, government agencies, and private-sector companies and to give promotion to advanced R&D and new industry creation.