Dialogue acquires German-based Argumed Consulting Group

Dialogue acquires German-based Argumed Consulting Group

Dialogue, a company which offers a virtual technology platform to its workers has publicized how it has bought a German Occupational Health and Safety services firm, Argumed Consulting Group.

This move signifies an evolution in the company’s product offering and reveals new opportunities to extend inside of Europe, as stated by the Toronto health tech company. It has not been revealed how much the company bought Argumed for but we do know that Dialogue has acquired all of its business operations.

Argumed Consulting Group’s Munich and Freiburg headquarters will now come under Dialogue. Dialogue has also taken over its 50 competence center associations throughout Germany. Conventionally, competence centers are research groups that aid in undertaking a market-focused study to prove to be advantageous to industries.

This marks a new line of business for the firm. Usually, Dialogue works alongside businesses to provide their workers with health benefits in a novel way. The acquiring of Argumed will allow it to view its worker’s digital health from OHS’s viewpoint. OHS is the multidisciplinary field that deals with the health, security, and welfare of the employees. Its purpose is to protect employees from health and security concerns.

According to the company, this acquisition will let it work towards its mission via a diverse new lens and extend its technology platform to aid many European workers in evading workplace hazards.

Dialogue has usually joined forces with businesses to present workers with resources that deliver numerous health advantages including mental health and fitness. Health experts, such as physicians, nurses, and various other health practitioners, can be accessed through the company’s platform.

The chief executive officer of Dialogue, Cherif Habib stated how this acquisition allows them to merge the company’s finest telemedicine technology with Argumed’s OHS expertise to further assist employers in developing healthy, secure, and efficient workplaces expertise for workers.