Daiichi Sankyo receives green signal from FDA for the treatment of a rare joint cancer

An announcement was made by Daiichi Sankyo regarding the approval it received from the Food and Drug Administration for the drug to treat a rare joint cancer.

Turalio, drug by the Japanese Firm, received a green signal by FDA. Turalio is also commonly known as pexidartinib, for adults who have symptomatic tenosynovial giant cell tumor which cannot be treated with surgery or any other treatment as well. It is one amongst the seven new tumor-fighting therapies. The company targets to win approval for by 2025.

This drug will be the first-ever firm’s oncology drug. Previously, the firm did promotion of BRAF inhibitor Zelboraf with Roche’s Genentech. It stated that it commercial team in the United States is all set to roll. Turalio will be debuted at a list price of 165 dollars per 200-milli gram capsule, a spokeswoman for Daiichi told FiercePharma.

The launch will not be a usual cancer rollout, since it is not the type of tumor which majority of the doctors see, the spokeswoman told. Our main job after the launch of this medicine will be to make sure that we educate the prescribers, the patients, as well as, the pharmacists about TGCT since the disease is not typically known outside of sarcoma experts, she added.

However, a confined number of centers in the United States have specialized in the treatment of TGCT, and majority of them are already acquainted with Turalio since they took part in its clinical trials. Sales team of Daiichi in the United States has an extensive experience of average 14 years in oncology, as well as, rare disease, she told.

Even though the drug marks the first-ever approved therapy by FDA for TGCT, it also carries with it a boxed warning for the risk of possibly lethal liver injury.