Cyber security the need of modern day healthcare

The rising demand for digital health comes with its own set of risks, which in return possesses the probability to inflict serious harm if not appropriately addressed. The healthcare industry needs to verify its associate clinical gadgets more than they ever did in the history, due to the entry of IoT devices in human life, the types of attacks are ever-changing and the cybercriminals are growing progressively, the cybercriminals are holding the data of the customers and the organizations, so they can negotiate network to a ransom.

The healthcare industry has been blamed severely for these attacks as well because the industry had delayed reacting and has tumbled behind other industries with regards to cybersecurity. But with recent ransomware attacks, there is a shift and administrations understand the digital risk, with all those cases, the spending plans of the healthcare industries have expanded, new ground-breaking solutions have been acquired and healthcare administrations are refining at obstructive attacks and keeping their systems secure and are also hiring heavily to acquire the talent that could stop these attacks.

The cybersecurity for healthcare is a very serious issue, for example, if your credit card is stolen, or a fraud transaction is registered on your card, you can easily go over to the bank, report your problem and get a new credit card, but, your electronic healthcare record not only has your credit card. It integrates your whereabouts, your employer and insurance information. And with that sort of crucial data, a hacker can not only use your credit card numbers but can also use the information for black-market trading or simply apply for a new credit card.


Few measures you can take to ensure the safety of your information


  1. Control access to sensitive health data
  2. Perform Due-diligence of third party Vendors
  3. Build up a security culture
  4. Utilize solid passwords and change them routinely
  5. Secure Mobile devices
  6. Review the firewall policies
  7. Browse with security protection