Currently India has the largest number of Covid-19 cases in Asia and it ranks second in the world after the United States of America. India has received aid from various foreign nations and different organisations. The second wave of coronavirus has severely affected the healthcare in India. Several states in India are reeling under the shortage of hospital beds, healthcare workers, vaccines, oxygen, etc. Among all this the US government has announced to help India in this pandemic. The US government has provided around USD 100 million, while the private sector donated a whooping USD 400 million to India.

They have also provided various supplies such as 20,000 courses of Remdesivir,1500 oxygen cylinders, 2.5 million N95 masks, 550 mobile oxygen concentrators, 1 million rapid diagnostic tests. Not only supplies but the US CDC experts will also work with India in the field of epidemiology, bioinformatics for genome sequencing, laboratories and surveillance, etc. All this will be done to prevent and control the spread of corona virus. They have also helped to keep around 213000 healthcare workers safe. The US government has re-directed its own order of Astra Zeneca manufacturing supplies allowing India to make over 20 million doses of covid-19 vaccine.

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