COVID 19 resurfaces in Switzerland targeting a Google Employee

A Google employee in Switzerland was tested positive for coronavirus which put the tech heavy weight Amazon on a high alert. Amazon has announced curbs on travel with a gnawing fear of a pandemic.

According to the Google employee, in his own words, he was there in the Google office at Zurich for a limited time before he showed COVID-19 symptoms.

It was reliably learnt that one employee of Zurich office has exhibited Covid 19 symptoms and the Google office seconds this news. The tech stalwart said that they are quite aware of their responsibilities and lay a lot of significance on the safety of their employees. The company added that it has not closed down its office at Zurich but has restricted its employees from undertaking travel to Italy, Iran and China and now will extend its curb to Japan and South Korea the following month.

Google has also rolled back the Global News Initiative summit in Northern California while Facebook has decided not to go along with its flagship F8 developer conference in May this year.  The company stated that they would every much like to hold the Global News Initiative Summit but the health and safety of the members comes first.

As also revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the risk of worldwide impact was quite elevated with coronavirus having spread to over 57 countries. All travel that is not so important has a restriction imposed on it. As a reminder, death toll due to the outbreak in China has reached 2,835 as stated by health authorities.