COVID -19 not found in new-born babies, says a Chinese study

Coronavirus is the hottest topic of discussion for every individual nowadays. It has spread across 50 countries all over the world. In a journal named Frontiers in Pediatrics reports that the infection of the novel corona is non-transferable to the new-borns at the time of birth.
The mother who is infected with COVID-19 during pregnancy did not infect their babies, a second out a study in China said. A study of four mothers of Wuhan City infected gave birth at Wuhan’s Hospital. None of the infants had developed any peculiar symptoms like a cough or fever. Though they were kept in isolation for a study called neonatal intensive care units and fed formula. Out of 4, three tested negative while the fourth child could not be tested as the permission was denied.
A breathing issue occurred in one of the infants which were tackled by non-invasive mechanical ventilation. Also, the body rash was found on their body which eventually got away on its own.
The study suggests that no evidence of viral infection can pass on to the child. All the deliveries were done by C-section. Liu said that to cure the baby of infections from the perinatal and postnatal transmission, they chose C-section as the safest option.
Further study on the newborns is expected for potential risks associated with the virus. An additional sample of neonatal blood, and amniotic fluid, gastric fluid, will be taken for better diagnosis. Moreover, scientists claim that previous diseases of coronavirus like SERS and MARS did diagnose critical maternal illness, spontaneous abortion, or even maternal death.