Coronavirus: Perhaps NOT the New Plague

People have been going crazy over the newly discovered species of coronavirus, COVID – 19. The outbreak of coronavirus in the year 2002 in China was controlled, however, the rate at which the virus is spreading in 2020, it seems that it could be the new plague. Well, most of it could be because of coronavirus hype on the social media, rest of it is because of the cases that are being detected in countries where the virus wasn’t expected to exist. A potential cure for the virus is now a ray of hope to the anxious inhabitants of earth.

Coronavirus and COVID-19

The crowned-virus, where corona literally means crown in Latin, is a kind of zoonotic virus which is found in the species of kingdom Animalia, majorly the vertebrates. Viruses contain only DNA and protein and are inactive outside the host and active inside the host. These do not necessarily die when outside the body of host. Therefore, it is always advised that physical contact should be done carefully and essential precautions are to be taken as well.

Coronavirus Symptoms

The virus affects the respiratory system. Hence, the symptoms are majorly related to the respiratory discomfort. The major symptoms include:

  • Coughing. There is a lot of coughing and it is mostly dry. A cough syrup may render temporary easement but there is no long term comfort.
  • Fever. The body temperature due to this fever can even cross 102°F or 104°F. Other signs of fever will also be observed in such a case.
  • Fatigue. The body will be tired and a need for sleep will be felt. Overall tiredness and loss of will to carry out any kind of physical work can be observed as well.
  • Body pain. Aching in various parts of the body and weakness will be there and the affected will mostly be bedridden.
  • Trouble breathing. There will be shortness of breath like in asthma and lying down could feel difficult at the same.

As mentioned previously, coronavirus has a history. The virus had appeared in Wuhan, China in the year 2002 and was known as SARS – severe acute respiratory syndrome. Although, it was a different species of the virus and a cure for the same was formulated at the time. The SARS hasn’t been detected since 2004 and is supposed to have eradicated effectively. Well, the COVID-19, now that is new and no known permanent cure has been found for this kind. Doctors are majorly working on finding an effective cure on this deadly virus all over the world. The initial stages are still possible to treat and yet the spread of the virus is at large.

An Arthritis drug is hope

There are new findings that an arthritis drug called Actemra can help cure the COVID-19.  This drug is being used for a decade to treat inflammation in arthritis patients and is called tocilizumab (TCZ) in scientific terms. However, as per the recent findings, China is now using it to treat the coronavirus symptoms. Positive results have been observed in those who were treated with Actemra.

A massive donation of the drug has been made to the Chinese government by the Swiss drug maker, Roche. This has aided ailments of the several infected by this deadly virus. There isn’t any kind of confirmed case study published which specifies the drug’s actual effect on the treatment of the coronavirus symptoms, but the positive results have served as a hope in such difficult times.

Certain side effects of Actemra are to be taken into consideration as it is still the initial phase of treatment for the COVID-19. Also, there have been no such findings that indicate any kind of cytotoxicity induced by tocilizumab. Therefore, Actemra could actually help in curing the coronavirus symptoms.