Controlled ‘Codeine’ again in news as illegal Cough syrup worth S$80,000 seized by Singapore Authorities

Codeine has always been under the scanner in terms of Singapore government’s laws. It is already a controlled substance in the country and anyone with no prescriptions may face severe consequences. On Tuesday 3 March, authorities seized codeine cough syrups worth thousands of dollar, which was part of illegal supply of the medication.

Officials took over 63,000 units of variety of medication right from cough suppressants to sedatives along with 125 liters of codeine cough syrup.

As per joint statement of the Health Sciences Authority, Singapore Police Force, Central Narcotics Bureau and Ministry of Health, some of the were seized from Golden Mile Complex office which has under suspicion of being a place of manufacture of these illegal cough syrups.

Separately, several raids were conducted in multiple coffee shops and seven people were arrested. These people are aiding the authorities in investigation, while one is also being investigated by Central Narcotic Bureau.

Codeine is a controlled substance in Singapore as per Misuse of Drugs Act and are classified as pharmacy-only medications and can only sold by licensed pharmacist or medical practitioner. Previously Health Science Authority has stated that any cough syrup concoction made in non-licensed facilities are harmful as poor manufacturing conditions being the primary reason behind it.

Initial investigations hints towards, these medication were going to be sold in the city of Geylang. The laws related to controlled or banned drugs are very strict in Singapore as one convicted may face huge amount of fine or jail or both.