Contents of E-cigarettes – A mystery for young adults users

Stanford University School of medicine has declared that the young adults have no idea of what is store in the nicotine products.

A journal of Adolescent Health says a study conducted on 445 participants, of the age group 17-24, about the use of pod-based e-cigarettes including the questions about its content like Juul, Suorin Drop, Phix, and myblu.

The cigarette has a small plastic pod of nicotine-infused fluid and vaporizer powdered by a rechargeable battery. It is the same as computer thumb drives.

The young adults are completely unaware of the nicotine they are consuming. This study is led by Dr. Karma McKelvey accompanied by Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, a professor of pediatrics.

The data collected in 2019 as a tobacco perception study in which tobacco is studied in two different ways: longitudinally and usage of nicotine.

Participants were asked questions about their history of consumption, cigarette usage, and pod-based e-cigarettes. The patterns of usage, reasons for using e-cigarettes.

The results were astounding marking 26.3% of participants had used Juul, 24% smoked traditional cigarettes, 23% used non-pod-based e-cigarettes.

The participants who vaped for continuous 30 days through that device were 51.3% (Nicotine Content), 28.6% had smoked once, 28.7% reported trying monopod- based. In short, there is no awareness as well as there are no regulations in terms of nicotine content is confusing and misleading. This finding may help in rebuilding the framed structure with the help of this research. It will clarify the milligram content as well.