Alzheimer’s disease

Confirmation of bad oral hygiene and bad teeth as the cause of promotion of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers from Japan discovered in research that there is an association between Alzheimer’s diseases and bad teeth. They gathered data from nearly sixteen thousand volunteers who were above the age of 60 and discovered that there is a direct influence of the oral hygiene on the mental health of humans; the higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease or the dementia was linked with how poor the conditions of the teeth of those aged people were.

The findings from the study revealed that the possibility of dementia increased by 60% to 80% in those people who had 20 or less than that teeth. In particular, the likelihood of the development of dementia was 81% for those people who only an insignificant number of teeth left like from 1 to 9. For those people who had teeth in between 10 and 19, the chances were 63%. Likewise, those who had fewer teeth, they were at a higher stake of getting developed Alzheimer disease.

The theory of the researcher from Japan that the infections caused because of bacteria like periodontitis in addition with a genetic or an inborn predisposition could be the reason behind the development of dementia, has now been verified by the research which was conducted by the Norwegian scientists. In a research which was published in the scientific journal Science Advances, it was discovered that those germs which cause periodontitis have the ability to enter the brain as well and from there they can become the reason being the Alzheimer’s disease by means of contaminated & toxic enzymes.

The focus on the study was on the microbe ‘Porphyromonas gingivalis which is the leading cause of the periodontitis & various other inflammations caused in the mouth. This is the reason why people who get to suffer from the acute forms of the periodontitis also get to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease more commonly, a connection was suspected by the researchers.