Collaboration between Clinical Support Study and Evidera, for the Development of Patient-Centered Research Capabilities in Japan

Evidera has tapped into an exclusive partnership contract with a subsidiary of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories Ltd, Clinical Study Support, Inc. this agreement will help extending the capabilities of both the firms in delivery more robust consulting, as well as, analytical capabilities for the creation of a better geographic customer solution for real-world, clinical, and patient-centered research.

Together, the Clinical Study Support and Evidera will be providing research services to the Japan-based, as well as, international clients who undertake the studies inclusive of a Japanese component. Such research services are inclusive of the designing and implementation of epidemiological studies, real-world studies, and patient recruitment for prospective studies, quantitative and qualitative patient-centered research, health economics modeling, as well as, health technology assessment, market access and consulting services. The firms are also focused on the joint development of the direct-to-electronic medical record and observational studies enabled via electronic medical record in Japan.

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Clinical Support Study, Doctor Tatsuya Isomura stated that via their partnership with Evidera they have been enabled to support larger international projects which might benefit from their knowledge, as well as, expertise in Japanese-specific settings. He added that their clients will be gaining access to operational resources and global project management which will enable larger, more complex research programs, as well as more robust proof of product safety and value.

The president and managing director of Evidera, Karen Kaucic stated that this collaboration would help them in providing more extensive solutions for their patients as they develop evidence for supporting regulatory submissions and market access in Japan. He told that they were thrilled to working with colleagues of Clinical Support Study to enter into real-world insights from the growing Japanese market.