Clinicians and Medical Researchers are all set to align with Nine Pointer Plan for technological advancements

The office of National Coordinator for Health IT has planned on revising the goals of the health and its research industry by introducing new agendas to the technological necessities. For the health IT experts, research in industry is of prime importance to update the needs, solve the complexes, and find solutions to existential problems. The mission to develop a nine-point plan based on the sole motive to effectively research in the Health IT Industry because the electronic data defines the future of the industry. It is an association of ONC with other federal partners with some healthcare stakeholders. The basic three-point objective for the advancement of research in biomedical and health are 1) Detail out an accurate health information ecosystem as foundation for quality healthcare research, 2) Determine who are the stakeholders’ and their widely-varying priorities for addressing current technology challenges and 3) Keep the policy and development plans to build a data infrastructure that benefits the scientific discovery. Ref (

Whereas the nine pointers for influencing the electronic data for research are -:

  • Improve Data Quality at the Point of Capture
  • Increase Data Harmonization to Enable Research Uses
  • Improve Access to Interoperable Electronic Health Data

And below are IT Infrastructure related

o Improve Services for Efficient Data Storage and Discovery.

o Integrate Emerging Health and Health-Related Data Sources

o Improve Methods and Tools to Support Data Aggregation

o Develop Tools and Functions to Support Research

o Leverage Health IT Systems to Increase Education and Participation

o Accelerate Integration of Knowledge at the Point of Care

These challenges have quality and consistency issues, regulatory structural changes, data policies, research tools, and architectural challenges. The increased dependency on data has risen research analytics. These efforts realized the need for improvements in health research and the medical industry by defining the challenges faced. The data gathering and analysis are to support and clear scientific outcomes.