Christian Guilleminault, prolific researcher who helped build Stanford’s full-service sleep center, passed away at 80

A prolific researcher who helped to build the sleep disorders clinic of Stanford into an influential, full-service sleep center, Christian Guilleminault, passed away on 9th July of cancer.

The Managing Director at DBio, Christian Guilleminault, a sleep expert at the Stanford University School of Medicine who was also the co-founder of the journal ‘Sleep’, was the first one to describe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome & helped establish the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, died on July 9 at Stanford Hospital with his wife, by his side. He died at the age of 80.

The main cause behind death was complications from metastatic prostate cancer.

Guilleminault helped in the expansion of Stanford’s sleep clinic into a full-service center now famous as the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center. He was also a prolific researcher who co-authored over 800 journal articles on sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sudden infant death syndrome, snoring, as well as, other mostly sleep-related topics.

The Managing Director, Professor of Psychiatry & behavioral sciences at Stanford and Guilleminault’s colleague since 1994, Doctor Clete Kushida stated that he was just tireless. Often, he used to be the first one arriving at our labs, and the last person who’d leave. He had a keen interest in furthering sleep medicine & exploring sleep research

Managing Director, Dean of the School of Medicine, Lloyd Minor stated that Guilleminault played a vital role in the advancement of our knowledge about sleep.

Minor said that by means of his contribution as a scientist and Clinician, Doctor Guilleminault helped pioneer the field of sleep medicine. His transformative work forever stays with us through the world-famous Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, his ground-breaking research & the many students, as well as, colleagues he mentored.

Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Managing Director, Doctor William Dement stated that Guilleminault ‘changed the world’.