Chlorine Compounds Can Be Created From Sucralose Exposed to Heat Which Is Harmful For The Body

Sucralose is a type of sweetener that is found in many different types of food. Even though sucralose might not be found as a dangerous or harmful mineral however it might still be deceptive. A recent study suggests that sucralose might actually be harmful to humans if it is treated or exposed to heat.

The study discusses the effects of heating foods containing sucralose on them. These are mainly canned goods including vegetables or other items, which if exposed to a high temperature of almost 120°C goes through a process of decomposition which starts releasing chlorine. This is something that is crucial as these items are expected to be exposed to heat during their manufacturing process in the factory.

The release of chlorine and creating new chlorinated compounds is actually one of the most harmful toxins to humans. Such damages expected to affect human are polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDD), dibenzofurans (PCDF) and chloropropanols.

The study is not yet complete and does not contain enough data to prove the hypothesis, which is confusion of what compounds are created and how harmful they actually are. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), sucralose is being re-authorized one more time as it is expected to be unstable and harmful. Due to the fact that not enough data is provided yet, it is recommended by BfR to not heat these types of food to prevent any negative effects.