Chinese Woman Claims Wuhan Virus Patients Being Burned Alive


  • In a viral video, a Chinese woman claims that government is burning coronavirus patients from Wuhan alive.
  • A group of overseas Chinese students has released the video.

With World Health Organization (WHO) praising China for its “tailored approach” to handle the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, an online video has surfaced exposing Chinese government. In the video, a Chinese woman vividly says that patients are being bound in body bags and cremated while still alive.

A group called Youth Production (少年譯製) comprises of overseas Chinese students. These students have uploaded a video titled “Burned Alive.” This video shows a Chinese woman approximately in her 60s who shares her traumatic experience surviving a stay in a Wuhan hospital while she was infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Wearing a surgical face mask, the woman speaks with a heavy Wuhan accent as she narrates her experience to a taxi driver who is covered from head to toe in protective gear.

Account Given by Woman

The woman starts her story by mentioning that she was in bed number 18, when another patient, a male in his 70s, was admitted on the morning 28 Jan 2020 and stayed in bed 17. By that afternoon, a team from Tianjin arrived and found that the patient was having difficulty inhaling.

The woman was experiencing similar symptoms but not as severely as she was younger. She noticed that the man was weak but he was still breathing when medical workers “bound his head” and then his hands and feet, which were “still moving.”

The medical personnel placed the man in a black plastic bag and pulled up the zipper, before placing him in yet another plastic bag. After that, they wrapped the man in two more layers with an unidentified material. When the driver asked what kind of medical treatment was offered to the man, the woman said that hospital only had oxygen and there was lack of medical supplies. The driver asked about the man and the woman insisted that the man was still alive when he was sent for cremation. Later, the woman saw several patients being stuffed in body bags while still alive and taken away.