China’s Healthcare System Under Pressure As Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly


  • Efforts on to contain coronavirus. People returning to work in China but not in Hubei Province.
  • 30,000 medical staff deployed by Chinese government to Hubei province.

China maybe fighting tooth and nail to contain the spread of coronavirus but the challenges in Wuhan city, the epicenter of the disease are increasing. People all over China, except for Hubei province are returning to work. However, in Hubei province, businesses, including automakers like Nissan and Honda, are not going to restart their operations until 11 MAR 2020.

Wuhan, the province’s capital city, accounts for 60% of mainland China’s total confirmed cases of coronavirus, along with about 77% of the deaths. Local authorities are building new hospitals in a hurry but inadequate hospital beds and medical care are limiting the efforts of Chinese government to contain coronavirus.

Due to extreme shortage of medical resources, there are patients who could not get beds in hospitals. People are seeking help from public on social media. “Pneumonia patients ask for help” became a trending “super topic” on China’s Twitter-like platform, Weibo.

A boost of medical resources for Wuhan

Chinese government has sent more than 30,000 medical staff to Hubei. And about two-thirds of these medical staff have been sent to Wuhan. According to Chinese health officials, 10% of China’s critical care medical staff are currently deployed in Wuhan to curb the spread of virus.

Wuhan has also designated 46 hospitals to provide treatment for confirmed coronavirus cases. Many other locations are being turned into medical facilities in a hurry. On the condition of anonymity, a doctor said:

“These greatly relieved the stress, but because the number of confirmed cases is too large and keeps rising, demand can hardly get met in a short period of time.”

Jeffrey Shaman, professor from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, said:

“The Chinese government has done something very unique, which most other governments could not do. It has slowed the outbreak.”