China is slowly dominating the US generic drug supply

China is slowly dominating the US generic drug supply

The quest for money savings is an American hobby. However, this search may prove deadly in the health care industry, especially where China is involved. The current move towards generic medicine in conjunction with China’s involvement in the pharmaceutical industry represents a risk to the health of our nation, our economy and our national safety.

It’s not speculation. A tainted blood thinner manufactured in China caused at least 81 Americans to die in 2008. People of all ages and of all fitness, including boys, are unaware of victims. The Chinese stonewalled a proper investigation following the disaster.

The case of blood thinner is not an exception and must also be treated. Years after the original disaster, numerous specimens that were possibly tainted and what seems to be checked to mask contamination are found by the French authorities.

In recent years, evidence was found of carcinogenic components in general blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension medicines. Who is to blame? Foreign companies, especially China.


By offering reduced production costs focusing on generics, China has captured the market. But the price is cheap and our health and perhaps the safety of our nation can be the price.


The problem consists of three parts. First, low prices encourage corner cuts, something that life and death never ought to permit.

Foreign inspections in China are nevertheless regarded as a problem and sometimes even as they pose risks to national security. This is an integral element of safety procedures here in the United States in the option of a surprise inspection. To make matters worse, Chinese manufacturers can deliberately spy on misleading, obstructing or bypassing the FDA otherwise.

Sadly, the citizens of the Americas are not safe from generic medicines made overseas or even those produced here with ingredients from overseas.

In the United States, we no longer produce fundamental penicillin or vitamin C. Without China, including the Cipro used to combat Anthrax, we can’t produce even the critical antibiotics.

In addition to the health risks, our critical dependence also places us in a continuing global economic war at a major strategic disadvantage. China is a well-known violator of rights of intellectual property. This is particularly dangerous in the field of medicine because it undermines America’s innovation, which is so essential for new treatments that will save lives. Generics conducted in China hinder the US producers ‘ ability to retrieve the high costs of the process of drug detection and approval.