China begins clinical trial for Remdesivir medicine in coronavirus treatment

As a preventive measure to treat the widely spreading Coronavirus, China has announced clinical trials for Remdesivir medicine in coronavirus treatment in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. According to reports, a 68-year old male patient showing serious symptoms of the virus was the first to be given the drug.

Based on the reports provided by Gilead Sciences Inc, the developed Remdesivir is not licensed and neither approved anywhere globally. Furthermore, reports confirm the drug is not confirmed to be safe or effective for coronavirus infection treatment.

The company reported that it had filed patent applications for the application of the drug for coronaviruses in China and for use in some other countries and regions in 2016, it had however not received approval in China.

Efoorts are however drawn for the application of the Remdesivir as an effective treatment for the virus, rather than only discussing compulsory licensing or other kind of permissions for drug manufacturing. The announcement made by Wuhan Institute of Virology on Wednesday said that it had filed a patent application to use Remdesivir to treat the novel coronavirus on January 21. This further led to a debate on China’s social media about intellectual property issues.

Chinese Health authorities on the other hand have confirmed new deaths caused by the deadly virus. The number have now risen to 638 globally including one in Philippines.