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Childhood Cancer “Neuroblastoma” Might Actually Be Curable Now

Cancer is a very common diseases affecting a huge part of the human population worldwide. Cancer can appear in many different forms and at almost every organ in the body. A very common type of cancer in children is the Neuroblastoma which is a solid tumor that affects regions different than the brain in children.

As frequent and common as this disease is, it motivated a team of researchers, led by a Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine and PhD holder, Michael Lan, to find a solution. According to their recent results published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, they were able to develop a compound that decreases the rate of growth of neuroblastoma.

This is a breakthrough in the cancer field due to the fact that this cancer affects children at their childhood which is something that is heartbreaking. Dr. Lan was excited with the reached results in his laboratory. He commented on his results saying, “Too much N-Myc occurs in roughly 30% of neuroblastoma tumors and strongly correlates with advanced-stage disease and poor outcome,” Lan notes. “INSM1 has emerged as a critical factor in neuroblastoma cell growth. Taken together, we developed a unique INSM1 promoter-driven reporter assay to identify drugs that specifically inhibit INSM1 promoter activity,” concludes Lan. “The identification of new signaling pathways that control the proliferation of aggressive neuroblastoma suggests new options for combination therapy of neuroblastoma patients.”