Cell-Free Expression (CFE) is the New Way to Get Your Custom Medicine


  • CFE in biopharmaceutical industry set to increase at a steady pace
  • CFE eliminates the need to use living cells to manufacture proteins

Cell Free Expression is known as the process of manufacturing proteins without having a need for a preserved live cell. Uses of this method have been dated back as far as 50 years, however due to ever developing technologies it is now possible to implement this method on a larger as well as an organizational level.

A senior scientist at the Centre for Process Innovation in the UK, Phillip Probert has stated to reporters, “CFE has been in use in academia for decades but is only now gaining traction as a means of biologics production. The biopharmaceutical industry needs more agile manufacturing methods that are better suited to the production of a greater diversity of therapeutics. Using cell-free rather than conventional cell-based manufacturing minimizes process development requirements and can also be used to express multiple products within a short timeframe.”

With technological advances it is now possible to have CFE implemented for local manufacturing for precision custom treatments which was only a hope until now.

These developments have raised expectations amongst many scientists, that CFE provides opportunity to fundamentally transform synthetic biology by making available new model-driven designs of synthetic gene networks. Building cells from scratch and help build new generational educational kits are also some of the exiting aspects of Cell-Free Expression. The biggest driver from the manufacturing point of view is very high (grams of protein per liter) yield.