Canadians pay the healthcare costs via indirect forms of taxes

In 2019, a typical family of Canada constituting of two parents, and two children will have to pay $13,311 for public health-care insurance, a new study revealed.

Associate director of health policy studies and co-author of The Price of Public Health Care Insurance, 2019, Bacchus Barua stated that in spite of the deceitful claims of free healthcare system of Canada, in actuality Canadians pay a huge amount of money for health care by means of a variety of taxes, even if they do not pay in the direct form for medical services.

Majority of the Canadians are not aware of the true cost of healthcare since they haven’t been ever handed over with any bill for medical services, might only pay a marginal amount of health insurance ‘premium’ tax in the provinces which impose them and because the public healthcare system of Canada is not funded by any dedicate tax rather by general government revenue.

However, by using the data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information and the Statistics Canada, it was estimated by the study that any typical Canadian family of 4 people with an average household income of nearly $150,000 will be paying $13,311 for public health care this year. After the adjustments for inflation, this is a rise of 65.8 percent since 1997.

Canadians who aren’t married, healthcare costs are more than double over the same period. It was $2,150 back then and will be increased to $4,544 this year.

Across the spectrum of income, the amount paid by the Canadian families for the healthcare greatly varies. For instance, families amongst the top 10 percent of income earners will have to pay $39,486 while the 10 percent of families with the lowest incomes will have to pay $464 for health care in 2019,