Canadians are all set to embrace more technology in health, poll suggests

According to a new poll, mainstream Canadians are set to embrace more technology in healthcare. This means that many of them would be even willing to trust any private firm like Apple or Google with their personal data if it meant that they would be given access to their doctor 24-hour.

It was found by the report which was titled as the ‘future of connected healthcare’, that many respondents had faith in technology and they believed that due to technology significant waiting time can be saved and it can improve the access via virtual visits and that surgeries assisted by robots can boost the overall health.

Between 26th June and 2nd July, the Ipsos poll was conducted on behalf of the Canadian Medical Association. Findings of the poll were released this Thursday.

The respondents were asked whether they believed that technology was good for their health or not. 68 percent of the 2005 respondents agreed that it helped in keeping their doctors informed, and 63 percent stated that it helped boost their experience of healthcare.

80 percent were interested in the ability to access all of their health information on a single electronic platform and 70 percent believed that by having such a platform there can be a reduction in the medical errors.

However, there were concerns as well. 77 percent were concerned about having to lose the human connection, 75 percent were fearful of their privacy being invaded, and 71 percent were concerned about opening the door to private health care.

In the survey, an interview was taken from the Canadians aged 18 or more and had a slight error of either plus or minus 2.5 percent points.

The study noted that the likeliness that technology would result in greater improvements in the health-care system shouldn’t be surprising as the Canadians have experienced swift growth of ground-breaking technologies across every aspect of their lives over the last 10.5 years.