Canada to be the probable home of Harry and Meghan

Canada to be the probable home of Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan, the former duke and duchess of Sussex, have yet to decide on where they and their newly-born son, Archie, shall be living after their last week’s announcement of stepping back from the British Royal family and giving their titles off. However, the royal couple spent a six-week vacation on Vancouver Island recently and revealed in their announcement that they plan to be balancing out their time between the UK and North America as they want to honor their duty towards The Queen and the Commonwealth.

Canadians, who are otherwise worried about their nation’s character, which is demographically changing rapidly, are constantly debating after the announcement and waiting out for the winter.

A welcome mat to be extended by some, as a good expression to be brought along the winter snow while some cynical expressions were passed by many others. And yet, there are people who simply do not care at all.

The announcement of the couple living in Canada for at least this part of the year has risen quite a few questions on what role will be played by the monarchy, or better say, about their membership in the British Commonwealth, in a more diversified nation with lesser ties to Britain.

Canada, indeed, is under a spotlight as the majority of the passengers of the Ukrainian plane that was tragically shot, few minutes after its takeoff from Tehran, were on their way to Canada, with many of them having dual nationality of Iran and Canada. This tragic incident emphasizes changes taking place in Canada as it accepts migrants from across the world.

Anne T. Donahue, a Toronto author of “Nobody Cares”, in a column published in the ‘Globe and Mail’ newspaper last week wrote that the royal couple is new best friends of the Canadians, who like them, making a reference to the 1985 Academy Awards outburst by Sally Field.

A lawyer from Montreal, Sylvia Reiter, said that it does not matter much where they live, all that matters is that they live happily.