• Canada is providing more support to CAN Health Network.
  • Canada wishes to support innovative and cutting edge technology in healthcare.

In fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is supporting companies providing innovative and cutting edge healthcare, including technology to facilitate healthcare-related operations. One-year extension has been granted in Ontario and expansion into Atlantic Canada is being done to facilitate the adoption of Canadian healthcare solutions.

The federal government of Canada is encouraging and thus, is committed to support Canadian businesses to start up, scale up and access new markets in order to sell their made in Canada solutions around the world. An integrated market, the CAN Health Network reduces barriers to procurement so that healthcare technology (health-tech) companies can bring their innovations to the healthcare sector, quickly and easily. CAN Health Network also serves as a platform for companies to provide solutions to meet the medical needs of Canadians and many other healthcare organizations.

Mary Ng, the Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion in Canadian government recently announced a one-year extension of the CAN Health Network project in Ontario. She also sanctioned an investment of CAN $ 3.25 million in Trillium Health Partners through FedDev Ontario. This is a continuation of Canadian government’s previous investment in 2019 which was worth $3.5 million. This investment launched the CAN network in Ontario. It is supporting 15 companies to bring solutions to market.

With this extension total support from government has been brought up to $ 6.75 million. An additional ten companies are going to get benefitted from the Network’s approach as the network would facilitate purchases of made-in-Canada healthcare solutions by various domestic healthcare centers.

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