Can giving up sex save us from cancer?


        • Natural selection of strong gene can be effective to fight diseases
        • Cloning results in loss of ability to have sex


Humans, Animals and many plants depend on sex for their multiplication, this process passes half genes from the male and half from the female, helping the offspring have a unique and strong DNA then the parents, although in today’s world when everyone thinks of themselves as the perfect human being to walk on the surface of earth it would seem unproductive to transfer just 50% of themselves in their offspring. At the same time can asexually cloning a healthy human permanently eliminate deadly diseases like HIV, TB, and CANCER from the face of this earth forever?

There have been few creatures who have tried it, and in this process have lost the ability to have sex such as the self-fertilizing roundworm, amazon molly, and few variants of amoebae but this method can prove to be fatal for few species as this kills off the opportunity to shuffle DNA and thus can lead to generic errors buildup in DNA, this particular phenomenon is known as Muller’s Ratchet, and in this situation, once a bad mutation is locked by the DNA, it is directly forwarded to the next generation and there is no way to reset it back to the original condition.

So with every generation the old mutation is forwarded and the generator creates a few mutations of its own, these mutations work together to tighten the Ratchet and the situation by the end gets so worse that it is no longer viable for the species to survive and thus marks an end of that particular species. Does this mean cancer can kill itself in a few generations as it is asexual?

The answer to this is a little complicated, although Cancer cells are asexual they adopt a method of fast cell splitting, which clones the cell while the original cell still survives and can still reproduce multiple copies regardless of a few defective cells, however, in some cases the defective cancer cells multiply faster than the original cancer cells and end up wiping all the original cancer cells out of existence. Therefore sex and natural selection of best genes are better suited for cancer resistant bodies and longer lifecycles.