Cameras and Baby Monitor at home invites Danger, warns UK’s Cyber- Defender

In the advancements of technology, the UK security warns about the possibility of smart cameras and baby monitors being watched by criminals. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) cautions the users to buy the products after checking the settings. The passwords set should be tough for hackers to crack them, as easy and augured passwords will allow effortless access to the system. 

Dr. Ian Levy, the technical director, NCSC, warned the device was fantastic innovations but are susceptible to attackers.

There are cases disclosed wherein the attackers spoke to the young girl as Father Christmas. Secondly, a couple of named Leeds was pondered over and over by them. 

There are three steps to follow as guiding points: 

  • Change of Default Password 
  • Update the software
  • Switch off the remote location enable settings

These are the probable tensions caused by IoT. Due to the device connectivity moving in day to day lives of people, the danger is lurking into personal life too. The companies often develop cheap devices to go to a large custom size to increase profits. But this often comes at the cost of common people’s lives and personal data. 

In such a scenario, the government plays a vital role in amending the cyber laws and also mandate security norms. However, in January the government has announced for amendment of the law that will obligate the manufacturers to sell smart devices. 

The NCSC has further recommended disabling UPnP(universal plug and play) and ‘port forwarding’ in the settings of your internet router – technologies often used by services like online gaming.