Brazilian pediatrician sees his patients free of charge

Dr. Ivan Fontoura is a Brazilian pediatrician who has been in the field of medicine for more than 60 years now. One would imagine that at the age of 92, this white-haired 92 year old would be enjoying his retirement alongside his wife Eva somewhere beautiful in Brazil. Dr. Fontoura, however, has other ideas. He goes to his clinic twice every week to treat children of the families unable to afford treatment.

He more than deserves to experience a peace-filled old age, so why does he continue to practice? In 1951 Dr. Fontoura got his first degree in the field of medicine. He then pursued education in the U.S. and France after which he returned to his home country Brazil. In Brazil, he served as a pediatrician until 2005. Now, instead of enjoying the comforts of a retired life, he has chosen to continue his work so as to help treat the children of low-income families in the nearby region.

In an article published in SempreFamiliaby Raquel Derevecki, Dr. Fontoura stated how, following 6 months of relaxation, he felt the need to return to practice. When talking to the reporter, he stated how he feels content in helping those in need.

Consequently, Dr. Fontoura and his wife Eva, who is a nurse, chose to return to voluntary practice of medicine.

He told the magazine how the husband wife duo started seeing patients at their house, they then began, for 6 years, aiding patients living in Paranaguá’s garbage dump. Currently, they are helping patients in Pontal.

When speaking to Luiz Henrique de Oliveria for Banda B, a Brazilian website, Dr. Fontoura stated how he had always felt a connection towards the children in need.