BioSTL is focused on catching the attention of the innovators at the IHC to the St. Louis

LOUIS – The Summit for the innovation of healthcare by the GlobalSTbrings new highly unique global level tech to be introduced in the health care systems that are working locally for the creation of a strategic advantage over the competitors as well as for creating an economic impact for the region. The major strength of this 240 billion U.S dollar industry of health care would be more prominent to ensure the promotion of innovation in the digital health companies operating in Israel, Sweden, Portugal, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

GlobalSTL, is a global recognized, reviewed more than 750 digital health companies and invited 16 of the most compelling companies for pitching the distinct technology to 75 senior leaders in the St. Louis and Midwest businesses and health care institutes, along with a cadre of partner organizations from throughout the Midwest and the individuals who could potentially invest i.e. the venture capitalists

“Global innovation finds its way more easily to the East and West coasts,” said Donn Rubin, President & CEO of BioSTL. “For St. Louis, we need to be deliberate, proactive, and strategic in attracting global innovation that can propel our businesses and help solve our problems.”

This very deliberate approach has landed 17 new international companies in St. Louis. Since 2014, GlobalSTL has helped global companies reach $107 million in revenue and local investments, adding 219 new jobs to St. Louis. Ten of the 14 companies invited to present at the 2018 GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit are pursuing or have secured business development opportunities with GlobalSTL partner health care organizations.

The success demonstrates the three-fold goal of GlobalSTL: Starting off with the provision of access to the companies to the latest tech in order to aid them towards securing competitive advantage. Secondly, to secure the Customers from the United States as well as strategic allies for the companies those are globally operating. Lastly, they leverage the first two wins to establish headquarters in United States of the highly growing global firms from St. Louis, thus enriching St. Louis’ ecosystem with new jobs, new talent and innovation, and new economic activity.