Biopsy along with MRI adds extra reliability to Prostate Cancer’s diagnosis

Diagnosis of any cancer is critically important in the terms of treating it. Various methods have been used in diagnosing those malignant tumors. As per the new study conducted by National Cancer Institute (NCI) based in Bethesda, Maryland in the country of America, states that use of MRI to target and segregate suspicious prostate tissue along with the regular prostate biopsy will significantly increase the detection of aggressive prostate cancer as compared with the standard biopsy.

The study conducted by NCI demonstrated the usage of combination of both types of biopsies resulted into increase number of detection of prostate cancer and with very less chance of missing it.

Even though traditional method of biopsies detect the cancer but are not 100 percent accurate in terms of the detecting the aggressive ones and this has been main reason behind doctors less reliability on them. While this targeted biopsy with the help of MRIs of suspected cancer will be fused with real-time ultrasound images that will end up creating maps of prostates helping doctors finding out suspicious areas.

As per report by American Cancer Society, about one in nine men is diagnosed with Prostate cancer throughout his lifetime. Although in case of most of men, it is not deadly, while others have mild forms of it and do not need immediate treatment but do require a proper surveillance in order to keep the tumor in check and being sure that it doesn’t grow in future.

Dr.Siddiqui, who is Director of Urologic Oncology and Robotic Surgery at the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC) expressed his confidence in terms of being able to accurately diagnose the prostate cancer and coming up with proper measures and treatment related to it.