Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders stated that it is an ‘embarrassment’ that Americans have to travel to Canada to purchase cheap insulin

The Presidential candidate of the United States stated that it is an embarrassment that people have to travel from America to Canada in order to purchase cheaper medicine, once again referring to the health-care system of Canada as a model for his country to compete with as he joined a couple of diabetics on a trip to Ontario on Sunday.

The Vermont senator, who is amongst the almost two-dozen contenders competing with the Democratic presidential nomination, was in Windsor, Ontario, with a group of United States’ diabetics looking for buying insulin at a lower cost.

Mister Sanders told the reporters outside a pharmacy that it is an embarrassment for those who belong from America. We love our Canadian neighbors & we thank them so much, however, we shouldn’t have to come to Canada.

Normally, a vessel of the insulin Type I diabetics needed for the regulation of their blood sugar costs around $340 in the United States which is approximately 10 times the price in Canada.

Mister Sanders referred to the major pharmaceutical firms and a lack of government oversight on drug pricing.

He said that we will also be doing what the Canadians do; they look around the world & they see what price the other countries are paying for different types of prescription drugs, and that is exactly what they charge here in Canada. He added that Americans should also emulate Canadians by regulating prescription drug prices.

He posted on Twitter over the weekend that the costly insulin has put the lives of U.S. diabetics at risk.

He has been an advocate for a long time for more affordable medicine, having made a similar trip to Canada to buy pharmaceuticals in 1999.