Bernie Sanders’ comeback not good for America

Bernie Sanders’ comeback not good for America

Senator Bernie Sanders is back on track, that too only 3 months after enduring what many people assumed was a heart attack that concluded the campaign. The most recent polls indicate how Bernie Sanders tops Joe Biden, the nominal front-runner, in California. In New Hampshire and Iowa both, he is within a single percentage point. To top it off, his campaign is attracting record sums of donor cash =, chiefly from individuals.

However, what looks to be good for Bernie Sanders, is not necessarily promising for the U.S. Sanders’ signature policy proposal is ‘Medicare for All.’ This is sure to abolish America’s world-class healthcare system and result in a poorer average American household.

According to the latest New York Times profile, Bernie Sanders was taken with the government-backed healthcare during his visit to Canada in 197, where he saw the govt.-run model of what he believed was much better.

It has been 30 years since then, and the Canadian version of ‘Medicare for All’ has steadily declined, at an immense economic and human cost.

Individuals in support of the govt.-backed, single-payer health care state that the plan can promise universal health coverage at an expense which taxpayers can afford. However, this claim is unsupported by the Canadian experience. Since Bernie Sander’s visit to Canada, health spending has risen 155%, following its adjustment for inflation. Presently, health sending makes up about 12% of the total gross domestic product of Canada.

In spite of the steady increase in spending, the Canadian system’s quality has fallen. For every 1000 individuals, Canada has less than 3 hospital beds. This places the country in the bottom 5th of all the OECD countries. Added to that, for every 1 million individuals, the country only has 16 CT scanners. This is fewer than half relative to the U.S.