Berlin considered highly safe as per the point of view of a tourist

As an American when you travel in Germany you are left with one thought only: why we cannot live this way? It is apparent that Germans are dealing with their issues, however, it seems that anywhere you go it is safe, clean, and organized. Even though they pay taxes, they get to receive free-of-cost healthcare, education, as well as, federally-mandated vacation time. There is highly punctuality in the system when it comes to the running of the train. There are trains everywhere in Germany.

However, there must be more of it. So, I decided to search for the trouble, questioning Berliners where are the unsafe places in the country, where are the off-limits parts of town. It was not as easy to find out as it seems. There were some locations where I might be robbed off at the night time and some regions where if I invested some time in searching for drugs, I might find someone to sell me drugs. Prostitution is considered as legal in the country and sin is orderly.

The closest case I witnessed to a fight was 4 non-German tourists who were drunk and hassling the passersby. I visited the highest crime zone of Berlin i.e. an immigrant area and saw a great deal of doodling and received some stares but nothing was more frightening than that. I was unable to spot a really bad part of town, and I invested time and effort.

If I made a similar quest in almost any main American city, it would have been a lot easier to dig information. We run our lives consider the travel plan of a tourist around the bad parts of town. New York is the city where I live, and there are numerous places which are now not as bad as they used to be.