Beginning of diverticulosis treatment trial by Emmaus Life Sciences Inc.

An announcement was made today by Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc., a leader in sickle cell disease treatment about the screening of the first patient for the firm’s Pilot study on the treatment of diverticulosis with pharmaceutical-grade L-glutamine. The study will use the same PGLG oral powder employed in Endari for the evaluation of change in the number & size of colonic diverticula, as well as, assess safety in a total of 10 patients at various study sites.

The Chief Executive Officer, as well as, Chairman of Emmaus, Yutaka Niihara stated that the beginning of this trials is a vital step to a potential novel treatment specific for diverticulosis, as we are till now not aware of approved drugs for this condition. This is also a major milestone for Emmaus as we continue to expand our research pipeline.

Patents have been issued by Emmaus related to compositions inclusive of PGLG & methods involving administration of PGLG for the treatment of diverticulosis in China, the United States, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Russia, and Indonesia.

Diverticulosis, or the presence of colonic diverticula (that is the sacks in the colon wall), is highly common in industrialized nations, with its prevalence getting more and more with age. An estimated 40 percent of 60 year-olds and 70 percent of 80 year-olds in the United States have diverticulosis. Of these patients, 10 percent to 2 percent% can be likely to develop diverticulitis, the expansion of peridiverticular inflammation & infection, resulting in vomiting, fever, nausea, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, and leukocytosis (which is abnormally high white blood cell count).

Emmaus Life Sciences Inc. is a biopharma firm engaged in the discovery, development, as well as, commercialization of ground-breaking treatments & therapies mainly for unusual & orphan diseases. The firm’s initial efforts are focused on the treatments for Sickle Cell Disease.