Baldness might be cured by Stem Cell Treatment one day, but we are not there yet

At present, modern medicines are full of its share of miracles, from curing diseases like hepatitis C to giving protection against mass infections through medicines.

Researchers have begun tapping into one area of future potential are stem cells; cells which can become various other types of cells in the body to repair tissue which are damaged, functioning both as the spare part and as a mechanic.

They are being explored for various applications, from treating blood-based diseases like cancers to rejuvenating worn knees.

But there is one more application which the researchers are exploring; the hair loss.

Early-stage research reveals some promise for utilizing stem cells for growing hair, even when genetic problems make it almost impossible.

However, if you have seen reports that recent breakthroughs mean stem cell treatments could be the cure for hair loss that science has been searching for, you may want to adjust your expectations.

The reality is that these treatments are possible many years away, even if they end up being employed at all they might not work on humans.

Only in mice have positive results been shown & haven’t been tested yet by more stringent scientific standards.

At the latest annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research in June, Doctor Alexey Terskikh presented his findings from novel research which appears to grow life-like hair in mice which do not have hair because of genetic immunodeficiency.

Terskikh, an assistant professor at Sanford Burnham Prebys’ Development, Aging, & Regeneration Program in La Jolla, California, stated that he was able to grow hair on the mice by the use of human-induced pluripotent stem cells, or genetically reprogrammed adult cells which act like those found when the human body is just developing.

He said is a press release that this is a major breakthrough in the development of cell-based hair loss therapies & the regenerative medicine field.