Australian Doctors warn coronavirus threat can turn ugly in Australia


  • Healthcare in Australia is overstretched
  • Australia has stockpiled 20m face masks

Health experts in Australia believe Australian hospitals are already functioning at full capacity and there is no room to handle the coronavirus surge, the doctors believe the frequently overstretched healthcare system could be overwhelmed due to the severe pandemic. They also believe in case of a severe pandemic over 70% of Australians could be infected, but also stressing on the fact the majority of the people would only experience effects like mild cold or flu. Globally there have been more than 83,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and nearly 2,800 were killed by the virus. Heavy amounts of infections and deaths have been confirmed from mainland China, although fast-spreading outbreaks have been noticed in regions like Iran, South Korea, and northern Italy.

The government has emphasized measures to tackle the coronavirus by Quarantine, self-isolation and social distancing measures, these measures can be effective or be necessary to some degree in order to prevent the spread of this virus through the community. COVID-19 can easily spread to half the continent and possesses a fatality rate of 2%, even though the fatality rate may not look high 14% need hospital beds and nearly 5% of the infected need to be in the ICU. If 50% of Australians that account for 13 million people are infected by the virus that would account for up to 400,000 people dying, nearly 2 million people needing a hospital bed and 650,000 people in search of an ICU bed.

Australia has stockpiled 20m face masks in the event of widespread an outbreak. The government does not want the people to panic and are making the necessary arrangements and alterations to tackle the virus.