• Ascensia has launched the platform for diabetes management and analytics.
  • Now it is possible to share diabetes data online with healthcare professionals.

Leading global diabetes care company Ascensia Diabetes Care has launched platform. This is a browser based diabetes management platform as well as an analytics platform. enables data driven care for people using any of the meters that are in the CONTOUR blood glucose monitoring portfolio. Through this platform, people with diabetes (PWDs) can not only access their diabetes data online, but also share it with their healthcare providers (HCPs) and other caregivers through dedicated web Apps. 

From users can gather, access and share blood glucose data straightforward for PWDs. Easy to use, this intuitive cloud-based platform can open directly in the browser, providing a simple wizard for data download. Users who use one of the connected meters in the CONTOUR portfolio can gather data directly from the CONTOUR Cloud or CONTOUR DIABETES app. also provides the option for those users who are not using a connected meter to share their data via a cable. This move requires a simple single step installation and there is no need to restart the device. The appropriate devices are found automatically. Once the data has been downloaded, the platform users can conveniently view data, generate reports and share them with doctors or other healthcare professionals when needed.

HCPs and caregivers can use to easily view data, such as blood glucose measurements, food & activity, and insulin dosing. All they need is a user profile on the platform and the permission from the uploader.

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