Are upper-class Canadians donating to hospitals so as to get better healthcare?

Mark Cuban, the billionaire business mogul and owner of Dallas Mavericks, recently got into a healthcare-related feud with users on the social media platform Twitter.

The argument was quick to move from the U.S. to the condition at the northern side of the border when one user pitched in the debate how if he and Mark Cuban were in Canada, they would recipient to the same kind of healthcare facilities.

In reply, Cuban tweeted how this was, in fat, not true. He then stated how there must be a reason behind wealthy Canadians donating to hospitals.

In another post, he stated how when upper-class Canadians donate to hospitals they make sure to acquire the contact numbers of significant people at the facility and request more attention everytime they are about to drop by to the hospital.

Mark Cuban’s statements made it seem how it was quite usual for wealthy Canadian to donate to hospitals simply because to intend to get the finest treatments. Which is why we went to have a talk with him regarding the proofs he had to back his statements regarding wealthy Canadian and their hospital donations.

Cuban laughed our question off and stated how he had no intention of revealing his sources.

He added how the idea behind the Twitter debate was to initiate a discussion regarding the plus and the negative points of the healthcare system of Canada and the U.S.

He asked us to go to chief Canadian hospitals to inquire whether they provided their donors with contact numbers so they could call ahead for superior treatment. In our quest, we also talked to numerous professionals.

We established that while Mark Cuban might be familiar with some wealthy Canadians who can personally reach out to doctors due to the donations they made, most hospitals in Canada do not provide special treatment to their wealthy donors.