Appointment of Andrew Plank as the President and General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Canada

An announcement was made by the leader in the field of Vitro diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics Canada, which is a sub-division of Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, that it had appointed Andrew Plank as the President, as well as, the General Manager of the firm.

The Chief Executive Officer of Roche Diagnostics North America, Jack Philips passed a statement which said that Andrew is an inspirational leader who has an acquisition of extensive experience in the field of healthcare and especially in laboratory diagnostics. The way he values partnerships, his zeal for the digitalization of our healthcare system, as well as, his goal of enhancing the role and value of diagnostic laboratories are certain assets towards bringing novel solutions and services to laboratories, hospitals, patients and clinicians everywhere across Canada.

This appointment of him as a leader builds upon the commitment of Roche to rely on ground-breaking approaches for the development of the healthcare of tomorrow, as ecosystem’s stakeholder, via collaboration as a preferred partner with hospitals, governments, and clinicians, with the goal to help to deliver the best possible patient care.

Before giving joining at the Roche Diagnostics Canada, Andrew Plank also worked as the International Business Leader & Global Vice President in Centralized and Point of Care Solutions division of Roche Diagnostics, which is based in Switzerland where he headed development, as well as, implementation of international marketing strategies and portfolio management.

As from the date when he got appointed, Mr Plank has been closely collaborating with the Canadian team, and with its customers and partners. He is proud of our firm’s presence in Quebec, with installations which are inclusive of a training center and a distribution hub located in Laval’s technological and scientific park, of its all-encompassing customer support and field experts team strategically deployed in all country’s areas.