Announcement regarding the addition of new directors to the board & Series A-1 Financing by the BioEclipse Therapeutics

A non-public clinical stage Biopharma Company which is committed to the development of high class, healing immuno-oncology therapeutics, BioEclipse Therapeutics, made an announcement today regarding the upsurge of $7.7M in its series A-1 financing session, which was headed by Revelis Capital Group LLC and its management was looked over by Brokerage Services, LLC in addition to the participation from the Tsingyuan Ventures, DEFTA Partners, Plum Alley, and TSVC. A total of $9.3M has been raised by the BioEclipse till today.

The Biopharma Company has planned to make use of the proceeds from the A-1 financing for the initiation of human trials of CRX-100.

The company also made an announcement regarding the appointment of 3 new members of Board: Elona Baum who is the Managing Director at the DEFTA Partners, Mark Froglich who is the Managing Director, as well as the former EVP at Juno Therapeutics, and Oliver Hopkinson who is the Manager and the Co-founder at the Revelis Capital Group.

The Chief Executive Officer, as well as, the founder of BioEclipse, Doctor Pamela Contag, stated that the Series A-1 financing is a turning point for our company.the firm is now in a safe and prime position to further potentially innovative immunotherapy ‘CRX-100’ which provides the potential for the treatment of a wide range of liquid & solid tumors by means of a synergistic mechanism of the act that makes the connection of the activated immune cells with the tumor-destroying the oncolytic virus. He further said that he believed that the patented technology of the Biopharma Company is distinct from everything in the development, and he was looking forward to making use of the funds from the Series A-1 financing for the initiation of the first-ever clinical trial of the immunotherapy CRX-100.