Announcement regarding funding for the Community & national-based cannabis public education & awareness initiatives by the Health Canada

A public health approach has been adopted by the Canadian Government to the authorization & strict regulation of cannabis to give better protection to the health and safety of Canadians. It is essential to raise awareness, as well as, provide public education to reduce the risks and problems linked with the use of cannabis. The government is steadily working with a wide network of firms across the country to guarantee that people of Canada have reliable, stable and proof-based information on cannabis.

Today an announcement was made by the Canadian Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, that a total of $15.2M will be invested to provide support to 13 organizations across Canada which are involved in the awareness initiatives and cannabis public education.

This investment builds on the prior announced funding of $9.8M through the Substance Use & Addictions Program by Health Canada to provide education to the Canadians regarding the cannabis and the health, as well as, safety risks which are linked with its use.

Organizations which are funded by means of Substance Use & Addictions Program will be carrying out community and national-based projects that will be raising the awareness about the effects of cannabis on health. There will be an implementation of public education initiatives across the country which will target the youth, adult, pregnant, as well as, breastfeeding woman, and various other segments of the population that required information regarding the cannabis. In addition to this, the investment will also provide support to the front-line workers, inclusive of the law enforcement officers, professionals, and those who provide education, by providing them with the required resources, tools, training, and skills to address the usage of cannabis.

Over the 6 years, the total planned funding in cannabis awareness, public education, and surveillance are more than $100M.