Andrew Scheer faces strong criticism after he pledged to review the new food guide

Andrew Scheer, the conservative leader, faced severe criticism from the side of nutrition experts on this Thursday after he vowed to review the new Canada Food Guide and said that process of crafting the new version of the document released in January was ‘flawed’. He spoke this at an annual meeting of the Dairy Farmers of Canada on Wednesday & added that the guide needs to reflect what ‘science tells us.

The revamped document did away with traditional food groups & portion sizes and rather focused on broader guidelines, inclusive of eating more plant-based protein & consuming more water.

At the event on Wednesday, Scheer faced a question from a woman who told that she was a dairy producer from British Columbia. She asked what his stance was on the current healthy-eating strategy & what dairy farmers should be expecting in terms of food policy in Canada.

He stated in response that absolutely, we’re going to review that Canada Food Guide, adding there was an insufficient consultation on the new version.

His remarks in the form of a video were posted by CTV News & was verified by the Conservatives.

Health Canada stated that it began consultations in fall 2016 in a process open to Canadians and all stakeholders, inclusive of industry. Later, the results were published in a report.

In the summer of 2017, Health Canada completed a 2nd consultation where draft eating recommendations were presented.

The department also passed a statement saying that its officials responsible for drafting the recommendations didn’t meet with beverage and food industry representatives for discussing the document, which was a deliberate decision made in hopes of making sure its dietary guidance was based on scientific evidence & free from conflict of interest.