AMRA joins hands with the Japanese leading Imaging CRO, Micron, NC to support clinical trials in Japan

AMRA ( has formed a coalition with the largest imaging CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Japan, Micron, Inc., to direct and assist pharmaceutical and research clients in Japan with clinical trials.

Eric Converse, CEO of AMRA shared that they are very excited to enter into an agreement with Micron for the second largest medical market. He also said that a local partner in the Japanese market was much needed as it will help cater to the domestic clients in a much better way.

AMRA’s MRI Body Composition Profiling, expertise in metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal conditions and muscle wasting, and merging them with Micron’s current penetration int to the Japanese imaging research markets will lead to development for both the companies. Micron, with the biggest medical imaging analysis team in Japan, has the logistical organization and expertise to promote the launch of AMRA technology in clinical trials in Japan.

Micron has a corporate objective that ‘Micron is determined to human health and medical development by supporting research activities in the medical field trough applying imaging technologies. AMRA’s technology in Japan shares a similar vision to that of Micron and this coalition will help bring a ground-breaking step for the researchers of pharmaceuticals and academics.

AMRA excels in a unique technology that makes use of AI with high precision and in 3D quantify the whole muscles and fat in rapid MRI scans. This can prove to be very helpful for the Japanese researchers as the President of Micron, Michita Sato said it.

Rosemary Shull, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development & Marketing of AMRA shared that the Japanese pharmaceutical companies and scholarly scientists are very interested in AMRA’s digital health solutions and this collaboration enables them to expect enhanced company and reinforce their interactions in Japan.