Ample breakfast and limited dinner are an easy solution to help reduce your calories

A capable solution to curb obesity and sugar problems is applying an inverted pyramid rule to eating habits as per a new research by Endocrine SocietyJournal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. 


A process called, DIT, .i.e Diet-Induced Thermogenesis, is the dissipation of energy during food digestion process that comprises of absorption, digestion, transport, and storage of nutrients. 


The study’s corresponding author Juliane Richter, M.Sc., Ph.D., of the University of Lübeck in Germany, said the inferences showed that irrespective of the calorie intake during breakfast, rate of production of high diet-induced thermogenesis is twice during breakfast than that of the dinner. Also, this research is important because it emphasizes the fact that food consumed at breakfast time is crucial to keep your body in shape and free from the problem of obesity.


There were further laboratory tests carried for a 3-day study of 16 men who consumed a low-calorie breakfast with high-calorie dinner and vice-a-versa. And the results were astounding in which the calorie consumption was the same for both the round. The higher DIT in the morning observed as compared to the evening in the second round. Along with this, the increase of blood sugar and insulin concentrations sank after breakfast than dinner.


 Eating habits directly affect the health of the human body. The general practice of taking a heavy dinner can cause a health-related problem like obesity. Having excessive dinner and less breakfast is an indicator of inappropriate eating styles. Therefore, the researchers recommended bringing a change in the eating schedule by increasing the food in the morning while decreasing it at night time.