Americans are more in medical debt compared to other countries

A very recent report by the Los Angeles Times tells that Americans are in too much medical debt compared to people from other countries. Since medical treatments are so expensive, many people are never able to fully pay for the treatment they received. This is almost every American’s story related to the medical sector.
Healthcare fees are much higher in America, despite many people having health insurance. They have to pay a lot more than other countries to be able to avail of healthcare facilities. For instance, a doctor’s visit cost in France is a mere $1.12 and a night stay in a hospital costs $11 in Germany.
It was found through research that people who live in countries with health plans made by the government, such as Britain and Canada, and the people in countries relying on private insurance companies, like Germany and the Netherlands, have a set limit of the amount of money a patient can be charged. This makes it easier for them to pay for medical treatments. They don’t have to struggle to be able to pay for medical services as Americans have to in their country.
An economist, Jonathan Cylus, said that the US sees itself to be one of the high-income countries. However, this isn’t the case. It’s more of an outlier.
The LA times did full research on this matter and interviewed almost all parties involved in the healthcare sector. This includes patients, hospital staff, and clinics in Europe, then compared them to the statistics in America.
Based on the most recent data, it can be deduced that almost 7.4% of all Americans had to spend much more than they could afford to. Whereas these numbers in Europe are much lower.
However, the LA Times says that the medical services in other countries may be cheap but it comes at the price of other tradeoffs. These may be delayed services for care, overcrowded hospitals, non-availability of resources and many more.