Air Liquide works towards development in home healthcare

Air Liquide works towards development in home healthcare

Air Liquide, a France-based multinational firm, is working towards progress in home healthcare in Europe by expanding its line of facilities for diabetic individuals based in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Germany. Throughout the globe, the Group already delivers home care for nearly 1.6 million individuals suffering from chronic ailments.

The firm makes use of its experience to back individuals with respiratory ailments, which merges proficiency in medical products, individual patient follow-ups and progress in related digital facilities.

The company is leveraging its historical existence in the home care of long-lasting ailments to pride this latest offer for patients with diabetes in Benelux and Germany. Air Liquide will now aid patients with diabetes in 10 nations in Europe, including France where it has been carrying out these efforts for almost 2 decades.

The firm has opted for the technology of Tandem Diabetes Care. Tandem Diabetes Care is a medical device manufacturer, for patients having diabetes, based in San Diego. It provides its Germany and Benelux-based patients with insulin pumps in accordance with its facilities offer. The insulin pump, together with an uninterrupted glucose check system, allows for the prediction of the risks of hypoglycemia and interrupts the provision of insulin, aiding to the everyday use of the insulin pump.

In other European nations, Air Liquide has already joined forces with Tandem Diabetes Care.

The number of individuals having diabetes is rising. An approximated 60 million individuals in Europe have diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent. It is a long-lasting ailment that needs support over the long-term to allow individuals to live a good life alongside diabetes.

Air Liquide intends to raise the quality of life of diabetic individuals, have them better adhere to treatment and avert the threat of complications or re-admittance to the hospital.