AI for Health: The Fifth Stage of the $165 Million AI for Good initiative Launched by Microsoft!

• AI for Health will accelerate global healthcare research using Artificial Intelligence.
• Microsoft through such initiatives also plans to reduce the global healthcare inequity.
Although healthcare services have been improving around the world, this development is not equal across the world. Microsoft with a vision to reduce healthcare inequity and improve healthcare facilities around the world has introduced AI for Health.
Amongst its main goals include reduction of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), in collaboration with Seattle Children’s Research Institute, eliminating leprosy by partnering up with Novartis Foundation, developing diabetic retinopathy diagnostic methods with Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS) etc.

Chief Data Analytics Officer at Microsoft, John Kahan said, “AI for Health is a philanthropic initiative that complements our broader work in Microsoft Healthcare. Through AI for Health, we will support specific nonprofits and academic collaboration with Microsoft’s leading data scientists, access to best-in-class AI tools and cloud computing, and select cash grants.”

As over the past 30 years annual child and maternal deaths have reduced almost 50%, Microsoft believes that this displays the positive outcome that is achieved when the global health community works together. With the help of AI company further plans to develop new solutions and accelerate research. With more than 50% of the AI professionals working in IT Sectors and as less as 5% employed in the healthcare sector, healthcare research is severely hindered due to shortage of AI talent.