Aedifica invests considerably in Germany

Aedifica invests considerably in Germany

Aedifica, a Belgian healthcare REIT, is well on the road to expanding inside Germany with numerous deals amounting to a total of €127m.

Aedifica is set to construct, inside Germany, 4 care campuses. This is part of the 3rd stage of its cooperation contract with Specht Gruppe.

The company publicized, in 2017, how it had entered into a cooperation contract with Specht Gruppe to construct 17 care campuses for €245m. The care campuses will have a capacity of 1,800 units. At the conclusion of the previous year’s March, the first care campus saw its completion in Lübbecke. The second care campus met its completion in Kaltenkirchen, while the third competed in Schwerin.

Langwedel, Bremen, Sehnde, and Weyhe mark the locations of the sites. The care campuses are established to aid seniors needing uninterrupted residential care. The Langwedel and Weyhe-based campuses will also house seniors choosing to live separately. Care facilities will be available on demand.

Bremen-based care campuses will also incorporate a day-care center for children.

The total capacity for the sites will stand at 375 units. They are predicted to reach completion by this year’s end and during next year. Construction has already begun in Weyhe and Bremen. It is expected that Sehnde and Langwedel will begin construction soon.

The total investment by Aedifica will reach a total of €63m.the firm has also agreed to a contract for the purchase and restoration of 7 fully working care homes in Germany. The agreement is worth €92m.

4 of these 7 German care homes are situated in Berlin’s residential regions. The other 3 are placed in Plön and Wankendorf in Schleswig-Holstein, and Ueckemünde in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The sites house 957 seniors in need of uninterrupted care. The sites were first constructed in the 1970s and have met their restoration many times as of now.