A student initiative to distribute medicine amongst the needy

A 17-year-old student, Shubhankar Darbari, has worked on creating a community project, called as the medicine bank, to kick start this project he collected all the surplus drugs from his relatives and families staying around his school to be distributed to the people who really need them. Shubhankar, the founder of this bank has now transformed it into a non-profit organization, “Aid2needy”, and has created a stock of medicine that he pledges to charitable hospitals for circulation.

The medicines collected are generally donated by the people who have excess of them, but the youngster has also developed a mobile phone application that powers people to raise a donation request, once there is a notification of donation request on the mobile application, the volunteers assigned by Shubhankar can go and pick up the drugs from the doorstep.

It is a unique idea of a bank for the well-to-do’s to donate their surplus stock, while the economically challenged section can avail the medicines for absolutely no cost from the bank via the charitable hospitals, Shubhankar also plans on setting up small depository units across the country. This activity was inspired by Omkar Nath Sharma popularly known as “medicine baba”, he conducted similar activities throughout New Delhi.

Shubhankar has also created an online prototype portal for training programs for the depository so that people throughout the nation can participate.  Shubhankar is motivated by the viewpoint that our life is destined to assist people. He is working fastidiously for the past four years to give something back to society.