A recent report sheds light on how healthcare is provided to the seniors in Canada

The latest report from the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons states that when it comes to the citizens of Canada who are 65 or older than that, there is more likely that the doctors would see more of women but in actuality provide better services to the men.

The report highlights which services are given to the seniors in Canada as there is a rapidly aging population. Steve Slade, who is the director of Health Policy of the College says that they are hoping that the policymakers would take notice.

He passed the following statement: “We have observed the grey tsunami coming for more than ten years in Canada but really we have not taken a thorough examination of our data to check who is doing what, and what exact amount of it they are doing. And what we observed was really quite intriguing distinctions in terms of how the health specialists and family doctors are delivering services and providing care to the senior citizens.”

Slade is hoping that the data will find some information about the care for the seniors for those who are making the decision regarding the policy for the future.

He said: “They will take a look at our data and then spot the differences in the way that the geriatricians, internists, ophthalmologists, and family doctors are practicing and concentrating their care on the seniors which will get affect the factors which they consider while making their decisions.”

Another report very similar to this study was published where 54K doctors were studied for how they provide care to the seniors. It was also found out by the report that the seniors received about 1/3 of the entire services which are provided by the physicians from 2015 – 2016.